I was born 30 years too late for the kind of cinema I'd like to do. –Kevin Costner

Credits and More

This site was designed and hand-coded by me and has been validated as XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS level 3. Many thanks to Ryan Fait's CSS Sticky Footer which is being used on this site.

All of the codes (buttons), icons, and graphics were created by me with Photoshop from screen captures that I've taken from Kevin's movies. The large graphic of Kevin is from a scan I did especially for this fanlisting of the cover of Studio Magazine, L'Annee Cinema 1991. It is not to be used, reproduced, or altered in any way without my permission. However, the original scan is linked below in case you'd like to use that in your artwork.

original cover scan

Neither the original scan nor any of the captures that I took really belong to me... yes, I did the work but they actually belong to Kevin, the assorted production companies, and the photographers who took the pictures. I've only borrowed them and played with them to enhance this fanlisting. No copyright infringement is intended.

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